Welcome to Santé Café & Bakery in Victoria’s Quadra Street Village

Santé was established so that our patrons, their family and friends can relax and enjoy delicious healthy food in a comfortable setting.

Committed to exceptional quality and using the best products, Santé features the season’s best, freshest produce. The result? A light, mostly vegetarian (and halal) motif of nuanced soups, salads and savoury sandwiches that are good for you and that taste great.

We are dietary sensitive. We have honed our recipes so that we are able to offer a comprehensive gluten-free, vegan, dairy, egg and soy-free repertoire, in any combination. All are chicken and beef are halal.  At Santé, your dietary needs are honoured and your presence is treasured.

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.  When diet is correct, medicine is of no need”

*Ayurvedic proverb

A parade of delectable desserts from no to low sugar to full-on decadence are prepared daily. Choose between healthy and wholesome or the guiltiest of pleasures, and everything in between.

Santé is your dietary home away from home, an oasis where you can sink into a comfortable sofa to nurse an excellent coffee, see or be seen as the world passes by plate glass or conduct business in a most professional setting.

Should time be of the essence, Santé serves food to go, retails a variety of products and stocks a freezer full of heat-up at-home options for you or a guest to enjoy.

Santé commits to sparing the environment with a comprehensive recycling program and by choosing biodegradable options wherever possible.

To Our Gluten-Free Customers:

As of January 2018, we are no longer 100% gluten-free.  Unfortunately, the economics of being 100% gluten-free is no longer viable as most restaurants and cafés now offer gluten-free options.  Offering lower-cost gluten items allows us to appeal to a broader customer base.  We do, however, continue to offer gluten-free items and operate our kitchen in manner prevent gluten cross-contamination.  We value the past support of the Celiac community and hope that they will continue to support our local business.  To fairly represent ourselves in the future, we changed our name from Santé Gluten-Free Café to Santé Café and Bakery.  We will be changing our domain name shortly.